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What are the selection techniques for stamping paper for sticker printing?

Tips for selecting stamping paper for sticker printing:
First understand the substrate of the product. The need for bronzing substrate determines the choice of bronzing paper series. Commonly used plastic substrates that require bronzing are: ABS, PP, PE, PVC (soft and hard), PC, PS, PU, TPR, TPU, saigang, nylon, bakelite, etc .; there are also paper Coated paper, plain paper, coated paper, etc.), wood (whether it has been painted or logs), leather, clothing printing, etc.
Size of label bronzing area. Mainly due to the difference in the tightness of the bronzing paper release layer, the size of the bronzing area is also very important for the selection of bronzing paper. General bronzing paper can be divided into fine-character bronzing, small and medium-sized color blocks, large-area color blocks, and full-area hot stamp Wait.
The method of using hot stamping and the use of hot stamping are different. Flat ironing and hot ironing; depending on the hot stamping version, there are metal version and rubber version.
Bronzing speed is different. Whether to use automatic high-speed machine (the high-speed machine here is not usually called pneumatic automatic, pneumatic automatic is actually a semi-automatic machine), semi-automatic machine, manual machine, etc.
Label bronzing requirements. Whether to reprint after hot stamping (including machine printing, oil spray, etc.). Choice of brightness and color.
Bronzing labels used indoors are also labels used outdoors. Labels used indoors, such as cosmetic labels, are also very demanding.