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Hot Stamping Foil is a type of film for creating a decorated

hot stamping Foil is a type of film for creating a decorated sheet which has been widely used on packages and prints to enhance the visual appeal by giving a sense of prestige, luxury and elegance. 
hot stamping foil uses PET as a based foil, coating with release layer, color layer, aluminum layer and adhesive layer. The polyester carrier, PET, is the supporter for other coating. Upon application of heater or pressure, release layer allows other layers to release from the PET carrier to the surface of substrate. Lacquer or color coat has two functions: carriers the color tint in the form of pigments or dye, and protects aluminum layer on the substrate so that it will not be oxidized. The forth layer, aluminum layer provides the reflective qualities and opacity desired in metallic foils. Adhesive coat serves to bond the foil to the substrate being stamped. This determines the printability on different substrates. With a pressing process on the color layer, hot stamping foil joints in grating structures and hologram pattern, which causes diffraction, reflects rainbow spectrums and provides an anti-duplicate result. Based on customer’s needs, hot stamping foil color can be various, such as blue, red, or green, but majors in gold and silver.

Our company is serving various types of Hot Stamping Foil:
*For double sides gilding
*For double sides stamping
*For holographic/pigment/scratch/leather/textil/paper lamination
*For Hydrographic Transfer Print
*For wire drawing